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Our activity in the injection molds development is based on the latest technologies. A technological process begins with the creation of a structure.

Refined design with the focus on parameters of the highest functionality and optimal efficiency in a straight line contributes to decreased costs of the details produced. The result of the first stage is a data file that contains the structural drawing that is used as the binding working basis for molds.

During the second stage — processing — we use the most modern state-of-the-art machine tool that allows us to cut plates with the maximum size of 496 x 696 mm. Transfer of geometric data, developed based on CAD programs, to machine tools is conducted directly by electronic means. Thanks to such interaction we can develop a mold that allows us to fulfill your expectations: precise, durable and equipped with the most modern components, including the heat and canal systems by HEITEC and power hydraulic components by HEB.

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